Our sturgeons have the best of all worlds…sitting at the top of Dalat in high elevation where the temperature remains constant around 17 degrees celcius year round, these fish swim in the most natural waters. Two streams make up the mountain and perfectly situated at the top, our farm benefits from a down flow of naturally organic clean stream water.  What wild sturgeons use to call home, we have recreated it here in Dalat.  With no recycling of water, our fish has the advantage of swimming in natural minerals and algae from the creek beds and free flowing rivers above. Fed a sustainable diet daily, our sturgeons are among the happiest and carefree fish we have seen.  Able to swim in large deep ponds is the key to a stress free environment for our sturgeons. Here at Caspiar, we specialize in raising only three varietals of sturgeons that were originally from the Caspian sea; traditional Sterlet, Albino Sterlet and Oscietra.

Amur Prestige Caviar

Imperial Caviar

Golden Albinos Caviar

Royal Oscietra Caviar

Finding and buying caviar in the past meant you had to go to the pervuyer’s shop, pick out what you wanted and then make sure you are able to carry it back home with out the caviar getting too hot.  Well now we have just made life so much easier.  Join the Imperial Club and we deliver directly straight to wherever you may be.  Learn more about the ease of enjoying life at your own leisure.

The Imperial Club