Imperial Caviar & Golden Albinos “White Pearls” Caviar

Đà Lạt, known as the “City of Eternal Springs” is located 1800 meters above sea level in the southern highlands of Vietnam. Its pristine waters provide a natural environment to sustainably nurture the perfect sturgeon. It is here, atop the mountain that a small, boutique farm prepares delicious, natural caviar in these perfect surroundings. Beginning with natural, flowing spring water, our Sterlet sturgeons are raised as “wild” as can be, very much like the days of old. Meticulous processing preserves freshness and we do not use any preservatives other than salt to retain the delicate flavors of our caviar. Each tin is sourced from a single fish, to ensure consistency and our “single origin caviar” is fully traceable back to the very sturgeon that produced the caviar. Our sturgeon produces roe from the age of 8-years onwards. The size of the roe is approximately 2mm in diameter and is gray with a tinge of green, similar to Iranian Osciétre. The texture is silky and smooth, with a long well-balanced after-taste. Our vision is to produce the perfect caviar with a single origin for the most luxurious experience. This is truly the art of living well…

Royal Oscietre, Amur Prestige & Beluga Royale Caviar

High above the City of Chengdu, the rural city of Dujiangyan sits quietly and is best known by most people for its extraordinary water system dating back 2000 years.  The city is also known as the Origin of the Land of Abundance. The 2000 year-old irrigation system is reputed as the forerunner of the world conservancy culture, and it’s the oldest and the only non-controlling irrigation system in the world which is still in use. Not only as the World Heritage Site, Dujiangyan is also the home to giant panda. Dujiangyan Panda Base one of the places offering Panda Volunteer Program.  This area has been the best suited for our caviar farm since 1993 and has been listed as a protected site.  With temperatures dropping to 3 degress Celcius in the winters, this place is such an amazing place to raise our “big” sturgeons.  Here, we have been very successful with our Russian Sturgeon (Ancipenser Gueldenstaedtii) and our Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser Schrenckii) & (Huso Dauricus), also known as the river Beluga.  The environment enables the sturgeons to live free and comfortable in these huge lakes that have runoff water from snowcaps during the winters.  It is hard to find a more clean and protected site such as our Dujiangyan farm to raise these majestic sturgeons.