Tran Thuan came from central highland of Viet Nam, Daklak province. After high school, I had done Engineering in university but not happy with the job. Again I applied for a hospitality management training in 2 years without knowledge kitchen management so I decided to worked in the kitchen let see how they managed.  First time in Oct 24th, 2010 I stepped into a Mediterranean kitchen and then are Western and Asian kitchen in Saigon in 5 years.

I am trained very well about the geography and agriculture likes terroir, weather, season, plant…. And also love the nature. In 2016, I met a chef group ONE STAR HOUSE PARTY  who plan travel to 20 countries in 20 months and pop-up 20 restaurants. The second pop-up is Vietnam. I had a chance to worked with them. After the first night working, everything I’ve known in the past six years has changed completely! “Why is it that a group of foreigners who have just come to Vietnam can build a menu with 100% Vietnamese ingredients and even turn ordinary ingredients into such a top-notch art dish?” – I ask my self. I stayed up that night to reshape my culinary path thanks to the experiences and visions of foreign teachers.

After that night, I still keep working with them for 3 months to pop-up in Saigon, Bangkok and Everest mountain Base Camp at altitude 5680m. Then back to Đà Lạt city to stay and work with farmer for a year. This time, I start to reset on my knowledge about food, bought a lot of cookbook. You know what I feel “ another world is opened for me “. I know what I want to do and keep traveling alongside of Vietnam to discover the local ingredient and cooking very simple with fire but taste wonderful.

One more time for fire, I was watching on Youtube the Munchies series and met the fire kitchen Ekstedt restaurant in Sweden, so amazing kitchen which most inspire me with the fire.

In 2018, Quince eatery called me for position Head Chef. I had a great time to worked with chef Julien in one and half years.

In June 2019, Ryan and Matt met and asked me for their project. We built an Esta with culinary ASIAN FLAVOURS TOUCH ON MY FIRE.        

We did a right cuisine cooked with my heart and recognized by our lovely customer in and outside the country in the first year opening. We always keep fire to improve, bring the new fantastic food for eater.

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