Pedro Goizueta was born in 1989 in Malaga and started to like the kitchen when was 16 years old. Once he finished school he was not very sure about what professional path I wanted to take. After a year off, he started to work in a restaurant in London and no doubts now, he knew food & beverage was what he most loved. 

Studied hospitality at   Les Roches Marbella. Once finished his studies he started his own “learning period” and worked throughout Spain in some of the Best Restaurants like Ricard Camarena, Azurmendi, El Bohio  and many other. After many years non-stop, he decided to take a break and travel South East Asia. 

After traveling for two months all over Vietnam where he fall in love with the country, their people and their food.  

After working in a couple restaurants in Saigon, he decided it was time to open our own project and KIBA was born and here we are after a year, the hardest year possible to open a bussiness, surviving and looking at the future knowing good things are to come and looking forward to smoking more Caspiar Salmon

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