Caspiar’s Artisanal smoked salmon product line uses only the freshest and most premium salmon from Tasmania to ensure a rich, silky and delicately smoked texture.  Smoked with the perfect blend of Acacia wood, our salmon is praised for its delicate smoked flavor and with our special artisanal blend of herbs and spice rub from our acclaimed Chefs, our smoked salmon delivers an unherald complexity of flavors. We receive daily deliveries of salmon flown in directly from the farms fresh, never frozen, giving it an amazingly silky texture, and rich, deep orange color.

We are committed to making small handmade batches of smoked salmon, the way it was suppose to be in order to give you all the elegance, grandure and flavors an Artisanal smoked salmon should have. We hope you enjoy our salmon and taste our passioin in every bite.


Caspiar’s cold smoked salmon pastrami is made from the highest quality salmon, imported fresh and is never frozen. We expertly brine these beautiful fillets in traditional pastrami spices until they are bursting with flavor.

Dry cured and smoked in 100% local Acacia wood for that beautiful smoked salmon aroma. Lacquered with a blend of rich soya sauce and molasses, then dusted with Phu Quoc peppercorn and spices, our pastrami brings you a tradition born out of quality and shows you what it means to be artisanal.


Caspiar Caviar’s Small Batch Smoked Salmon Caviar is made of only the finest salmon roe in Japan.  We import Japanese salmon roe to Vietnam, then marinate them in an artisanal marinade comprising of 2 types of soya sauce, premium Sake, Mirin and Yuzu extract to create a balanced lightness in the flavors.  Sweet, umami and a tinge of citrus will accent the cold wood smoke of this salmon caviar.  We then quick dry the caviar and smoke it in small batches with a blend of our own seasoned wood to bring out the sweetness of this amazing salmon roe.

Earthy, sweet, savory and delicious on its own but pairs so well with fresh steamed white rice.  The essentials of Asian means and soon to be the essential of any culinary night around the world.  Caspiar Caviar is proud to present our Small Batch Smoked Salmon Caviar.